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10 Rapid Tips on How to Use a Paintball Gun for the Very First Time

You've heard all about how exciting paintball can be. It's great exercise, a way to have fun with your friends, and an excellent sport for anyone who has a competitive spirit. Before you get to enjoy it to the fullest, however, you should learn how to use a paintball gun.

Paintball guns aren't overly complicated, but they're not as simple as you might think, either. You can't just grab any random paintball gun and expect to be able to play -- not if you want to have a chance at winning, anyway. You should know the basics of how these guns operate.

It would definitely help to learn some tips when it comes to how to use a paintball gun. This will help you get into the game with the confidence that you know what you're doing. That way, you can enjoy it as much as possible!

How Does a Paintball Gun Work?

If you have an interest in learning how to use a paintball gun, the first thing you should do is learn how one of these works. Of course, paintball guns fire paintballs. But exactly how does this happen?

Depending on the type of gun you have, there is a canister full of some sort of gas. Usually, it's carbon dioxide, but it could be nitrogen or even run-of-the-mill air. A short and controlled burst of this gas causes a paintball to come barreling out.

The gun also contains a hopper, which puts the paintball at the head of the line into its appropriate spot in the firing assembly. There is a single paintball that is in place that is prepared to go out the next time you pull the trigger.

The hopper moves the paintball that is first in line directly in front of a piston, which will propel it out when you shoot the gun.

Types of Paintball Guns

When you're on your quest to learn how to use a paintball gun, you should also learn about the different types of paintball guns. That's right, not all paintball guns are created the same.

Different types operate using different mechanisms, which will affect the specific directions when it comes to how to use a paintball gun for you.

There are hybrids of these three types, as well as other types that are on the market. However, the three main types are pump, mechanical, and electronic paintball guns.




10 Rapid Tips on How to Use a Paintball Gun for the Very First Time

Man Shooting using aPaintball Gun

Image by John Miller from Pixabay

When you're learning how to play paintball, a big part of succeeding is learning how to use a paintball gun properly. It might seem very simple, but the truth is that there are a few things that you should do in order to ensure that your gun functions optimally.

There are also certain tactics that you should employ while you're actually playing; that is, if you're interested in winning.

1. HPA tanks beat out CO2

Man playing Paintball Gun Shooting

Image by Micah ?Chelf? from Pixabay  

When you're playing paintball, it's no secret that accuracy is essential. One way that you can make your paintball gun more accurate when you fire is to change the type of air you use. Instead of carbon dioxide, you can upgrade to HPA or High-Pressure Air.

First of all, you should make sure that your gun can operate using HPA. It works for most of the newer paintball guns, but you shouldn't assume it'll work for yours. Don't start using it without making sure your gun can handle it.

Carbon dioxide gas is very sensitive to temperature. If you're a science buff, you know that temperature and pressure have a direct relationship with one another. So, if CO2 is sensitive to temperature, the pressure can go all over the place with changing temperatures.

And this will make it very hard for you. Think about it -- if the pressure in your gun isn't consistent, your accuracy likely won't be either. HPA is much less sensitive to temperature and will be much more consistent for you.

2. Wash your gun, not just your uniform!

Paintball Guns placed at the top of the Table

Image by Christoph Schütz from Pixab??ay  

You can't expect your gun to be clean at all times when you're playing paintball. It's inevitably going to get muddy. However, you should also keep in mind that playing paintball with a dirty gun is one of the leading causes of inaccurate shots.

You should, of course, run a squeegee through the barrel. And you should make sure that the squeegee is clean. However, you need to clean and inspect the entire gun, not just the barrel.

You should make it a habit to check your paintball gun pretty regularly, especially after really messy matches. Make sure to check the raceway inside your motor, the detents, the eyes, the body, and the bolt and hammer, along with the barrel. It's almost a given that the accuracy of your game will be better for it.

3. Lube: a Goldilocks situation

Man Playing Paintball Gun Shooting

Image by Micah Chelf from Pixab??ay 

Lube is very useful, a fact you should know while learning how to use a paintball gun. You need to keep certain parts of the gun coated with lube for optimal performance and maintenance. However, if you use too much lube, it can travel into places that could interfere with the performance of your gun.

If you use too much lube, it'll usually end up in the barrel. That could mess up the accuracy of your shots.

In other words, you don't want to use too much lube or too little lube. You want the amount of lube you use to be just right. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to figure this out by trial-and-error because no set amount works for every gun.

4. Paintballs should be subject to scrutiny

Paintball Pallets placed at the top of Man's Palm

Image by NoobInNature NIN from Pixabay 

It can take a while to inspect your paintballs, which is why a lot of players don't do it. Especially since most reputable paintball distributors will produce high-quality paintballs. However, you need to keep in mind that you're never guaranteed perfect paintballs.

Even tiny imperfections on a paintball can significantly affect its trajectory in the air. Also, you should keep in mind that if one bad paintball ends up breaking inside your gun, it can mess up your entire game.

It would be a good idea for you to take a few minutes to inspect your paintballs before any game.

5. Don't get too attached to specific parts of your gun

Paintball Weapon placed at the top of the Table

Image by Christoph Schütz from Pixabay 

Make sure that you check the parts of your gun on a regular basis. One example, which we have already mentioned, is the gas tanks and switching from CO2 to HPA. Also, you should make sure that your regulator is in top form.

It's possible that your regulator could have flaws from the very beginning. Or, after you've been using it for a long time, it could end up with wear and tear that could affect your game.

What you should do is test your regulator fairly regularly. If you see that it's not operating well, you should be prepared to either repair or replace it. You should make sure that it delivers consistent operating pressure.

6. Hoppers must be proper

Man's hiding and holding a Paintball Gun and the hopper is placed properly

Image by John Miller from Pixabay 

Of course, it's essential to make sure your gun is clean on the outside. You should inspect several parts on the outside, as well as the barrel. However, it doesn't end here -- you need to check the hopper as well.

Keeping your hopper clean is just as important as keeping your barrel clean. Keep in mind that all of the paintballs that start out in the hopper will end up in the barrel anyway.

If you have oil, dirt, or the residue from a broken paintball in your hopper, it's eventually going to end up in your barrel and mess up your game.

7. It should fit like a glove

Army was playing paintball gun shooting

Image by superkevv from Pixabay 

You need to make sure that your paintballs are the right size for the barrel of your gun. That is an important part of how to use a paintball gun.

If your paintballs are too small, they'll bounce around as they're leaving the barrel. That means they're not going to have a smooth flow, compromising your accuracy.

If the paintballs are too big, there will be friction between the barrel and paintball as they flow towards the exit location. As a result, the paintballs could break in the barrel. Alternatively, there will be so much drag that they'll go out at a slow velocity.

In order to make sure you're using the right-sized paintballs, there is a test that you can do. Unscrew the barrel from your gun and drop a paintball down the barrel.

If it drops straight through, it's too small, and if it gets stuck, you should blow on it with a small burst of air. If it's still stuck, it's too big, but if it exits the barrel with the short burst of air, it's the perfect size.

8. Reduce, reuse, recycle -- NOT!

Man's hiding while holding the Paintball gun and he is surrounded by paintball pallets

Image by Evan Cornman from Pixabay 

In the second grade, they always told you that recycling is a good thing. And this might be true when it comes to paper, cans, and bottles. It is not, however, true when it comes to paintballs.

When you're in the middle of a game, it might be tempting to reuse paint pellets that have been dropped on the ground or have been fired already and still appear intact. After all, they're free pellets, right? They might seem free, but the truth is that your decision to use them will probably cost you by jamming your gun.

Paintball pellets have gelatine shells, which will absorb water very quickly. The pellets will become soft and swell up, to the point where they may not fit into the gun barrel or might not go through the hopper.

If you happen to drop a few pellets while you're loading your gun, you can use them, but only as long as they are still clean and dry. If you drop them in mud or a puddle of water, you're better off just leaving them.

9. Running on empty is never a good idea

Paintball Gun Shooting Player is Running

Image by Micah Chelf from Pixabay 

The gas in a paintball gun isn't the same as the gas in your car. After all, cars operate using liquid gasoline, and paintball guns operate using literal gases. However, in both cases, you really shouldn't run on empty.

A part of learning how to use a paintball gun is learning that paintball guns have gas tanks that will generally give you a certain number of shots. Usually, you'll get several hundred shots before you have to replace the gas tank.

When you're starting to run low on gas, your pellets will start to lose velocity, which can definitely impact your game. If you think you might be running low, you should ask a marshal to check the gun and possibly fit it with a new gas tank.

Also keep in mind that the number of shots that deplete the gas tank applies to every time you pull the trigger, not just every pellet that you fire. Many people will dry fire their guns just for kicks, and this costs gas.

10. Aim before you fire!

Man's Kneeling and ready to fire

Image by Micah Chelf from Pixabay 

This may seem like it goes without saying, but you'd be surprised how many paintball players fire first and aim afterward.

Basically, what they're trying to do is adjust their shot as they are firing it, so eventually, they end up hitting their opponent. However, it's often counterproductive.

Once you've fired your first shot, your opponent knows that he or she is a target and is much more likely to move and minimize your chances of making your shot.

Learning how to use a paintball gun isn't just about the maintenance of the gun itself, but also utilizing it in the proper way during a game. It's always best to be as covert as possible when you're playing paintball. Hide, aim, and then fire!

Ready, Aim, Fire That Paint!

Man Shooting using a Paintball Gun

Image by John Miller from Pixabay

Now that you're familiar with paintball guns and some tips on how to use a paintball gun, aren't you excited about trying out your new knowledge in a game?

Like any other game or sport, it'll take some getting used to. You're probably not going to be a champion paintball player your first time. But like anything else, practice makes perfect.

As long as you utilize all of the knowledge you have about how paintball guns work and how to use one properly within a game, you stand the best possible chance of becoming an excellent paintball player.

Just go out there and have fun, while also remembering that knowledge and strategy are your friends.

What do you think of everything we've just told you about how to use a paintball gun? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image by John Miller from Pixabay

Virtue Vio Review: What Paintball Goggles And Lens Should You Buy?

Paintball is a tough sport, which means you need to have tough gear that is able to handle it. There are many accessories that go along with your gun, and one of the most important (not to mention most necessary) are goggles.

Goggles are a must-have in paintball to protect your face. However, you typically want something that will go above and beyond simple protection. Of course, it is important to make sure you don't have any unfortunate accidents, but why settle for the basics?

Virtue Vio Paintball Goggles, which will be covered in this guide, are much more advanced than normal goggles in many ways. You get the awesome protection and dependability that the brand is known for, in addition to a range of upgrades that help give you the best outings possible.

The Virtue Vio Contour Goggle

The first style of Virtue Vio goggle ?on our list is the Contour. This mask is one of the most comfortable on the market, which means it is never going to feel too tight or get too stuffy. Running around with an uncomfortable mask can cause stress to your head and neck, and the Contour sits in a way that actively prevents such issues.

The Contour also comes with soft dual layer foams that are put in all the right places. One example of that is the ear pads, which allow sound to pass through while still giving you great protection. You can even change them out for ones that better shape or fit to your head.

The Innovative Fog-Resistant Thermal Lens

Virtue is a company focused on constantly making their products better. That is on full display with the Contour, as shown through its quick change, fog-resistant thermal lens and innovative, one-of-a-kind design.

These goggles come with a large lens that helps you get an extremely wide field of view. Paintball masks often cloud or block vision, making it difficult for you to see as you play or move around. Furthermore, fog or sweat can obstruct view and impact your ability to play at a top level. Not only does the wide lens help with that issue, the dual thermal pane actively prevents fogging to keep your vision as clear as possible.


  • Excellent High-End Mask
  • Great design-excellent unit
  • Very comfortable, and it fits well over my glasses


  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.
  • Strap is tight and narrow 

Another aspect of the lens is that is comes with a special anti-scratch coating to help prolong its life. It can also be changed out in seconds, a feature that helps you adapt to different scenarios or environments. You can choose between different types, including smoke, high contrast, or chromatic.

That quick change is due to the patented Hinge Lock, a feature that is on full display throughout all parts of this mask. All you need to do is unplug the Goggle Strap to unlock the hinge and then rotate it inward to remove the lens. That process can be done by anyone, and creates one of the easiest and fastest lens changes in paintball.



Our Rating?


Creating the Right Goggles for You

Though all of the Virtue Vio Contour's incredible features are useful, the most unique aspect is that everything is fully removable. This makes them the most customizable goggles of all time. The flexible elastomer face mask is fully removable, as is the eye foam, goggle strap, and lens frame.

Taking out the face mask helps it become fully and tightly streamlined without sacrificing any protection, and the lower mask comes with a ton of different choices and upgrades.

Wash and Clean Your Contour

The Contour's eye foam also easily clips into place, and it is easy to wash and clean. That helps you keep it in a "like new" no matter how much you use it.

Finally, you can freely change the goggle strap in and out as you please. Virtue offers various replacement straps in addition to team and personal customization programs that help you further customize your Contour so that it looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

An Excellent Combination of Useful Features

The Vio Contour goggles are some of the most unique and useful brands on the market. Their lightweight and streamlined design keeps them compact and comfortable while also protecting your ears, eyes, and face.

The Contour has a range of upgradable and customizable features, but its great traits don't stop there. The goggles promote a massive amount of airflow, which helps you breathe more easily. It also vents condensation at an extremely fast rate. Such advancements help you speak louder and more clearly.

Your choice of Fully Customizable Lens Frame

The wide goggles also work to increase your hearing and stop the echoing heard in other goggles. They also have a fully customizable lens frame that is available in a wide range of colors that act as a base to help accent the thousands of different configurations Virtue offers. It is not just about protection or features, it also helps if your mask looks good while you're wearing it.

Virtue Vio Ascend Goggle

As good as the Contour goggle is, Virtue has a lot of other fantastic options to choose from. Another great product is the Vio Ascend, which offers the high performance the company is known for at an extremely reasonable cost. This mask was designed to create a more affordable goggle without sacrificing any quality, and the company definitely hit that mark.

The Ascend gives consumers high-end performance and premium upgrades at a great price. The model is a single-piece goggle molded with dual materials to create a wonderful combination of comfort, flexibility, and protection. Though it does not have the fully modular frame the Contour does, it utilizes the same technology to make sure you're always satisfied.


  • Great visibility
  • Very breathable
  • Thermal lens. Looks great.


  • No foam soft ears. (The ears are rubber.)
  • Fewer color options than Virtues higher end masks.
  • One piece body similar to the VForce Grill

This product stands out because it comes with many of the trademark advancements Virtue is known for. You get quick change, a fog resistant thermal lens, a fully upgradable strap, as well as replacement foam, a stealth visor, and a fan. As a result, you do not need to worry about the lower price point. With the ascend, you aren't missing out on anything.



Our Rating?


Goggles That Stand Out from the Crowd

As with all Vio masks, the Ascend comes with customizable lens technology to provide you the best optical performance possible. Such versatility allows you to choose your exact look. You can pick between numerous color and Chromatic coating options.

The Ascend also helps you breathe more easily than other brands, which is extremely necessary in the tiring and rapid world of paintball. This line comes with a ton of airflow to help reduce condensation and ensure you never get caught up not being able to see.

Replaceable Foam

That feature is then perfectly complemented by the replaceable foam, which helps this mark always stay fresh. Virtue is known for versatility and customization. Being able to quickly and easy replace the foam helps the Ascend stay fresh for long periods of time.

These goggles check all of the boxes you could ever want in protective eye wear. They help you see more, use dual layer foam for maximum comfort, and allow better speaking and hearing. They also come with distortion free optical clarity, hard scratch-resistant coating, and 100 percent UV protection. It is rare to find so many upgrades in one package, especially one at such an affordable price.

Customization and Great Lens Technology

Though it is not fully customizable in the same way as the Contour, the Virtue Vio Ascend does allow for some tweaking to better fit your individual style. The goggles and mask can be upgraded with a range of different accessories, including 18 different lenses, 35 straps and 16 visors. That gives you the exact look and feel you want. You can choose between different replaceable foams and the stealth visor fan as well.

Virtue Vio Extend Goggle

Our final goggle on this list is the Virtue Vio Extend, which is another fully customizable option that is a great choice for people who want to branch out from the Contour. This is similar to the above options in many ways, but differs in both fit and style. As with so many Virtue goggles, this pair is incredibly comfortable.

You get all of the upgrades you would normally expect with this one, including better speaking, clearer hearing, and easier breathing. There is also a great field of view that allows you constantly scan surroundings. However, there are some key differences as well.


  • Very comfortable 
  • They offer great protection,
  •  High quality goggles


  • Strap was tight
  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.



Our Rating?


What Sets the Extend Apart from other Models

When looking at the Extend, there are a few noticeable traits that stand out. The first is its larger size. Though the above two models are compact, the Extend branches out with a longer fit that creates more room around the mouth and jaw line.

However, do not worry about that getting in the way. The goggles are still specifically streamlined to help provide great comfort, sight, and protection. You won't even notice they're there.

The Most Flexible Fit

Another great addition here is that the Extend is crafted entirely from elastomer, which means it provides one of the most flexible fits on the market. If you want goggles with a bit of extra give, this is definitely the option for you.

As the name suggests, the Extend also sits away from your face. That may seem like a small feature, but it helps increase airflow. In fact, it gives so much room that this is likely Virtue's best mask when it comes to ventilation. The Extend is a great choice for anyone who finds other models a bit to stuffy or tight.

Advanced Optics and Incredibly Reliable Lenses

Every single Virtue mask has an impressive range of features, and the Ascend is no exception. These goggles come with a large, durable thermal lens that provides you with an excellent field of view. It is also great at protecting your face from both paintball and UV rays on sunny or hot days.

The thermal lens can be easily removed with the same Hinge Lock technology noted in the Contour, which is always useful for customization. These also don't fog, thanks to the thermal pane lens and special unique anti-fog coatings.

The Advanced Chromatic Lens

The advanced Chromatic lens gives one of the best performances on the market. It is scratch resistant (which is always useful while out playing) and will last you quite some time. Most chrome plated lenses distort your vision or flake at the first impact. However, the metallic scratch resistant technology imbued into the Extend's Chromatic lenses maximizes goggle durability without distorting the view or altering the color balance.

The lenses, as you would expect, are also quick to change and have a removable eye foam insert. The Hinge Lock makes shifting them in and out a breeze. There is also a fully removable and customizable goggle strap as well as soft foam ear pads to help make sure you never get too uncomfortable while using the Extend.

Some of the Best Goggles Around

Virtue is a reliable brand, and the three above goggle options all show why. The Vio Virtue line has many different options, which sit at different price points. Even so, there is no doubt that you are getting your money's worth no matter what you choose.

Each of the above models focuses on creating the best paintball experience possible, and they all succeed. Whether you're looking for new goggles or trying to find something to replace your current brand, you can't go wrong with the Ascend, Extend, or Contour.

For your Face Protection

Goggles are great at keeping your face protected, but you want ones that go the extra mile. The Ascend does that through its tested Vio lens technology. This advancement comes from decades of careful research and creates some of the strongest goggles around.

The model also comes with advanced chromatic lenses that are both multi-layer and scratch resistant. As a result, you get the maximum amount of eye comfort without affecting color appearance. There is no reason to purchase goggles that are only going to work for a few months. The Ascend lasts quite a while.

Paintball Protective Gear to Help You Be Safer and Have More Fun

You know that welt on your skin that bruised like crazy because your friend shot you with a paintball unexpectedly? You can fix that! You know the intense amount of pain you were in after the battle instead of thinking about how much fun it was? You can fix that! You know the scar you have on your hand from the paintball? That may not be able to be fixed… but the next one can be! You know how scared you are that someones going to shoot you and it’s going to hurt more than ever? That can be fixed too so you can enjoy your time paint balling instead of having to think about how painful it is. Safety always has to come first when it comes to these types of guns. The more advanced technology gets, ?the harder the guns get to defend. Everything in todays’s world needs to be faster and stronger and better than the model before. This type of mindset can be dangerous when it comes to paintball and airsoft because these guns are being aimed at each other for fun, not for target practice or towards an animal. Because the guns are becoming more and more powerful, we need to make sure you are very safe and sound in your gear before you get started.

The paintball protective gear that will be shown at the bottom is suggested to be worn every time you play and compete to allow you to have fun and be safe every time you go out to play. Being safe of course will allow you to have more fun because you will know for a fact that everyone out there is safe and out of harms way. You won’t be worried about getting welts in places that shouldn’t be getting welts and you won’t worry about your headset breaking and little things like that that may have been going through your head before all this protective and very much needed gear.


We are going to start at the head and make our way down all the way to which shoes to wear in battle. You absolutely need a helmet and goggles, and if you do not have a helmet or goggles than we strongly suggest that you do not fight against someone for the risk factor of the paintball hitting your head or your eyes, which could result in very serious injuries. Getting hit in the head is no little injury. It could result in a concussion and have very nasty side effects, and it is a risk of death. DO NOT mess around when it comes to head protection out of anything you decide to do. WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO WEAR A HELMET. It is not hard to pick up a helmet and stick it on your head before picking up the gun. You need to do this, not just because we suggest it, but doctors suggest it and enforce it as well because they know the effects and the damage it causes due to first hand experience taking care of such injuries.






The safety of this game is not only in the gear, it is in the nature of the gun and knowing how to use it without harming yourself or anyone else in the making. You should do research on the gun and play around with the gun before ever using it on the battle field. Having the knowledge to play is one of the most important things to being involved heavily in paintball.


Next we have the neck to take care of. Your neck is a vital part of your body and not many people think about protecting it. It is often forgotten about, which is never a good thing. You can either be super careful of your exposure, wear a thick scarf, or get a neck guard which can be connected to your helmet or goggles of your chosing. Worried about looking like a dweeb because you are wearing so much protective gear? You are only just protecting your beautiful body and allowing yourself to have more fun than anyone else who is not protected!

Some helmets have built in neck gear or a thick padding around the neck, which is always going to be a bit more expensive, but it is very much worth it. Some of the neck protection products look like a black soft neck brace that can be tied around your neck to ensure safety, and some are just hard plastic sheets that attach to your helmet. Below you can find the types of neck protections that you can chose from and the pros and cons of each kind.

This type of helmet is the cheaper helmet you can have because it is mainly mass produced at any sporting goods store and online. There is a spot to put your goggles to ensure eye safety and it covers ears, mouth, nose, eyes, and most importantly NECK. This may not cover all of the neck, such as in the back, but it is much better than nothing, that is for sure!


This neck gear is not the greatest because as you can see, it is rather thin and vulnerable. You can always add another set of neck protection. This helmet is a top seller because of the looks and the package deal of head and “neck” protection.


When it comes to the neck, you never want to mess around. A major seller to this piece of neck protection is the true safety of it. The hard cover will stop any kind of harm from coming to the way of the neck. You may have to get a specific helmet to attach it to as seen in the picture. This is definitely a piece to invest in as you go about your paint balling hobby.

These neck braces/neck guards are cheap but very effective. They range anywhere form 7-20 dollars and can be found almost anywhere that sells sporting goods supplies. Online at Dicks Sporting Goods, they are only $7.99. These do not need a certain helmet to attach to, they just simply strap onto your neck.


What is in your chest that is important? Well… everything… but what keeps you breathing? Yes thats right, your heart as well as your lungs. Two vital organs that need to be protected under every circumstance when it comes to paintball. You absolutely need to keep those two things as well as your rib cage protected. Protective paintball gear can be found at places such as sports authority, dicks, kellys, and other online sporting goods stores. Search around for different prices and find the best deal as you are researching the quality of the product at hand.

This is one of the more basic chest protectors to buy and this one is specifically made for paintball. Some people use baseball or softball catchers gear to protect themselves and use as clothing in the game. You are going to want a little more of a hard shell to put on your back going up against these rough guns.



This is one of the more popular forms of paintball protection. Because of the fact that this is not bulky or heavy or hard to put on, many boys and men tend to lean towards this to buy. It covers all the major areas, and although it will still hurt to get hit, it will take away some of the blow and take away most of the risk for bruising. These range anywhere from 15-50 dollars in sporting goods stores.

As you can see in the picture, this chest protector is high tech and much more effective than the other two shown above because it is much harder and much more able to take a shot to the chest. The stamina in this specific thing is great and the price is worth the safety.


Paintball protection gear for your legs is completely optional. No one said you HAD to protect your legs because anyone can take a blow to the legs. Sure, it might feel like straight hell, but it will not kill you or even come close to killing you. The danger in the leg shots is no where near the danger in head or chest shots. The only thing that is going to make you use those hard pants or leg padding is completely your choice.

These of course are the whole package in one pair of pants instead of having to buy all the pads individually. Just pull these up over your jeans, basketball shorts, or your leggings. Anything that is acting as an additional barrier between skin and the paintball will help tremendously, sometimes more than you think.


This pair of leg guards will surely protect you to the best of their ability but the only downside is that they are a little hard to run in. They are not as mobile and easy to walk in as you think because of how big and bulky they are. A con to this set of gear is by far the mobility of it but they can serve you very well when it comes to trying to be the best on the field. Defensively you can hide all you want but you can’t be the best unless you are running around shooting people.